Should I Clean My Tongue When Brushing?

When we brush our teeth, we’re like superheroes fighting against the sneaky germs. But did you know there’s a hidden spot where these germs love to hide? It’s our tongue!

Why Should We Clean Our Tongue?

1. Germs, Be Gone!: Our tongue can be a cozy home for germs if we don’t clean it. Let’s make sure those germs don’t stay for a party!

2. Say Bye to Bad Breath: Nobody likes dragon breath! Cleaning our tongue helps keep our breath fresh and friendly.

3. Taste Superpowers: Want to taste your favorite ice cream or pizza even better? A clean tongue is the secret!

4. Keep Your Mouth Happy and Healthy: A clean tongue means a happy mouth and fewer trips to the dentist.

How to Be a Tongue Cleaning Hero

1. After Brushing Your Super Teeth: Add tongue cleaning to your toothbrushing adventure.
2. Gentle Super-Sweep: Use your scraper or toothbrush to softly clean your tongue. Start at the back and swoosh forward.
3. Rinse for the Win!: Swish some water in your mouth and spit out those vanquished germs.

Making Tongue Cleaning Super Fun

At Nolensville Pediatric Dentistry, we love making tooth care a blast! Here are some cool ideas:

Learn and Laugh: Ask your parents to tell you fun facts about tongues and teeth while you clean.
Family Fun Time: Clean your tongues together! Who can make the funniest face while doing it?
Gold Star for You!: Every time you remember to clean your tongue, maybe you get a star on a chart. Collect enough stars for a special reward!

You’re a Tongue Cleaning Champion!

So, super kids and parents of Nolensville, now you know the secret of a clean tongue. Let’s make sure we do this fun step every day to keep our smiles bright and healthy.

If you have more questions or just want to show off your super clean tongue, come visit us at Nolensville Pediatric Dentistry. We’re always ready for more dental adventures!