According to the CDC, approximately 20% or one in every five children between the ages of five and 11 have at least one untreated cavity.

Practicing good oral hygiene is important for adults, but it’s equally as important for kids, too.

If you’re curious about the benefits of scheduling pediatric teeth cleaning for your child, read on to learn more. This simple step can help to keep their teeth and mouth healthy for years to come.

What Happens During Pediatric Teeth Cleaning?

Children should receive professional dental cleanings twice per year. As a parent, you’re probably curious about what happens at your local pediatric dentist. First, the dentist will examine your child’s teeth and may take a few dental x-rays.

Your dentist should use simple words and easy terms to help you and your child understand the process. If the dentist notices any serious issues, they will recommend the next steps to correct them. If not, the pediatric teeth cleaning will begin.

The process starts by scrubbing your child’s teeth using mild, slightly gritty toothpaste and a soft toothbrush. The dentist will also gently floss between the teeth, then rinse your child’s mouth clean with water.

Once the mouth is clean, a sealant or fluoride is applied. This creates a protective barrier to help fight against cavities and tooth decay. The best child dentist will do their best to ensure that the experience is as calming as possible.

Parents and Kids Will Get Good Advice

One of the benefits of pediatric teeth cleaning is that the dentist has a chance to evaluate your child’s habits. A thorough evaluation gives them an opportunity to provide you with some feedback and actionable advice.

Your pediatric dentist will offer helpful tips about good oral hygiene for kids. They may also make suggestions about diet and give you a list of foods your child can eat to maintain good oral health.

Dental visits are an excellent time to determine how your child’s teeth are developing. If the exam and cleaning include x-rays, you’ll get the chance to see how your child’s jaw and teeth are growing. Cleanings and x-rays also give the dentist a chance to detect potential issues early before they become worse. 

When you attend the appointment, have some questions ready for your child’s dentist. The best child dentist will be more than happy to answer them and give you guidance.

Regular Dental Cleaning Means Healthier Teeth

It’s important to ensure that your child brushes their teeth daily. But regularly scheduled professional cleanings can offer even better benefits.

Certain areas of the teeth and mouth can be tough for kids to reach. Children who have difficulty getting to these areas may deal with dental issues later.

With regular pediatric cleanings, all areas of your child’s mouth will be attended to. The dentist will be sure to clean every surface of every tooth as they go. This helps to prevent plaque and tartar from accumulating. 

When stubborn tartar and plaque are removed, it will help to prevent cavities and gum disease. Continue to instruct your child to brush their teeth daily, but include regular cleanings to keep their teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

You’ll Save Money in the Long Run

Dealing with issues like painful cavities or gum disease is difficult for kids. Fortunately, you can avoid these issues with regularly scheduled pediatric teeth cleaning.

Not only are you saving your child from the pain of these issues, but you’re saving money, too. Treating these common dental problems will cost you much more than standard cleaning alone.

Taking these proactive steps now is the best way to save you money on dental costs for your child in the future. In addition to saving money, you’re also helping to encourage healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Kids who attend dental visits tend to continue practicing good oral care habits as they get older. It also helps them to view the dentist as a friend rather than a person to be afraid of. 

A child with healthy teeth and gums means that there is a lower cost to you over time. You’re also taking steps to help your child save money on dental costs as they get older and enter adulthood.

More Self-Confidence for Kids

Children who get pediatric teeth cleaning tend to be more self-confident. Most potential problems are addressed early so they’re corrected before things get too serious. When your child has a healthy, bright smile, their overall mental well-being will also improve. 

Not only does good oral health boost a child’s self-confidence, but it also improves their physical health, too. Catching and treating oral diseases early may help to prevent other issues like diabetes and heart disease

Take your child to the dentist on a regular schedule to help them look and feel their best. Over time, they’ll feel confident and may even look forward to going to the dentist. Not only will your child feel better, but as a parent, you will, too.

Healthy Teeth Equals Healthy Kids

With pediatric teeth cleaning, you’re giving your child the gift of good oral health. Regular cleanings will help your child stay on top of good habits and address any potential issues as early as possible to set them up for success.

Ask about child sedation dentistry if your child needs more tailored care. 

If you’re a parent and you are ready to schedule your child’s first dental appointment, be sure to contact us today!